Struggling with the challenges of a second marriage?

You’ve tried everything to create a bond, but your stepchildren are still resentful and acting out.

You’re afraid you’re falling into the same destructive patterns that led to your first divorce.

Your husband was traumatized by the loss of a spouse and it’s affecting your relationship.

The hope you need is within reach.

Second marriages come with unique challenges, but you can overcome them.

As a social worker specializing in second marriages and stepfamilies, I’m here to walk you through the healing process.

You and your family can learn to recognize and cope with feelings of loss, betrayal, and isolation.

You can use strategies to prevent conflict, establish effective communication and build trust.

With dedicated effort and the right support, your marriage and family can thrive.

Research shows that
it can take

several years

to develop a successful integrated
stepfamily unit.


Private Therapy for Stepfamilies

I provide private therapy services for individuals, families, and couples, as well as group programs and educational workshops.

As a therapist with expertise in helping remarried couples and stepfamilies, I recognize the unique challenges, transitions and losses experienced by individuals within the stepfamily. I draw on my wealth of experience to help you navigate difficult, sensitive issues.

I empower you to identify core issues, develop effective strategies, and integrate family members into a new, healthy family unit.

No two families or situations are exactly alike. Though my approach is always compassionate and goal-oriented, I adapt my methods and techniques based on your challenges and needs.

Therapy sessions are available in person and remotely, so no matter where you are in the world, you can get the guidance and support you need.

Group Programs

Workshops for Stepfamilies

Do you have challenges with trust, intimacy or communication?
Do you want to avoid the same destructive patterns that hurt your first marriage?
Are you struggling to blend your families or navigate difficult relationships with stepchildren?

Learn how to make your second marriage a success!
In my workshop designed to address the unique challenges stepfamilies face, I’ll teach you powerful new skills and give you the opportunity to practice them. You’ll also interact with other stepfamilies in the group facing similar challenges, and benefit from support and encouragement from others like you.

– Develop realistic expectations
– Master new skills and strategies
– Create a thriving family unit

The workshop is offered through community organizations. If your local organization is interested in offering my workshop, please reach out to me to learn more.

Stepfamily Mentorship Training Program

Are you a rabbinic figure or lay leader?
Do struggling stepfamilies in your community turn to you for guidance?
Would you like greater insight and skills to help families navigate challenges?

Get the tools you need to support stepfamilies
in your community. The program is designed to empower you to…

– Identify red flags
– Guide couples during the premarital stage to improve trust and communication, and work through conflict
– Recognize the challenges of becoming a stepparent
– Understand the stepfamily from a child’s perspective

Offered both in person and remotely, this training program is designed for anyone who interacts with stepfamilies and couples on a regular basis. If you are a mentor interested in receiving this specialized training, reach out to me to learn more.

My Story

As a child and marital therapist, I witnessed the negative, sometimes tragic consequences of the breakdown of families in the Jewish community. I became passionate about helping parents and children who suffered through the pain of divorce or the death of a spouse/parent. With a vision of empowering remarried couples, I collaborated with a colleague to develop and run a psychoeducation program for stepparents at Counterforce, a Brooklyn based Jewish social service agency.

Today, I run a successful private practice where I help step parents move beyond their personal pain, develop vibrant marriages, and build successful stepfamilies. Understanding that each family’s dynamics are unique and complex, I draw on my knowledge and experience to help remarried couples and their children identify core issues, navigate difficult challenges, facilitate the healing process, build trust and establish effective communication.

Beyond individual and family therapy, I offer interactive community workshops for stepfamilies as well as focused mentorship training programs for community leaders who work with remarried couples and their children. I also co-direct a parenting and family therapy program as well as supervise school social workers and family therapists at Counterforce.

For 20+ years, I have been dedicated to helping rebuild vibrant marriages and form healthy, integrated families. I firmly believe with the right guidance and support, your remarriage and stepfamily will flourish.



No matter where you are in your remarriage, I can help.

Your relationship deserves an expert who understands the unique
dynamics of a second marriage and family.

Reach out today for a free consultation.